Capturing, analysing and publishing health and safety

performance data 

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    Clarity, efficiency and control

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    ActiveSHE – health safety reporting made simple

Why ActiveSHE

Strengthening your business

ActiveSHE spans the full SHE operational area. Unlike standard systems, it is designed with a huge range of information management, reporting and analysis tools, automated alert and notification features, and full interactivity. 

Entirely bespoke to your operational needs, the system reduces management time, increases operational efficiency and puts you in control, enabling real time insight and interpretation of all your SHE functions. With extensive, on-demand tools, settings and options, ActiveSHE's capabilities include:

  • Ability to input information via PC or smartphone in virtually any form, including documents, statistics, photographs and videos 
  • Analysis and transformation of raw data into interactive dashboards and up-to-the-minute reports - including histories, timelines, trends and frequencies 
  • Reports produced in a wide choice of formats such as PDFs, text documents, graphs, charts and spreadsheets, and with exceptional high output quality 
  • Report collections and dashboards that can be emailed out at pre-determined intervals or on demand 
  • Full flexibility to ensure continuous alignment with changing business needs

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