Web based health and safety solutions

ActiveSHE Capability

Extensive scope and depth

The web-based system works across your proactive programmes for behavioural safety, site audits and inspections, and reactive processes for safety, health and environmental activities and incidents. 

From recording, collating and tracking to calculation, analysis and reports, ActiveSHE spans: 

Behavioural safety 

Feedback from your behavioural safety programme is automatically collated, enabling you to monitor site team performance, observe key elements and trends and keep track of corrective action progress. 

Audit and site inspection 

Detailed reporting capacity including capture of multi-format evidence. Reports are emailed to a nominated list, corrective action reminders are sent out at pre-determined frequencies, and closeout reports are triggered once actions are carried out. 

Incidents and investigation 

The system actively tracks and works through the complete lifecycle process - from collating logged information and generating detailed reports to sending out automatic text, email and live web page reminders about required corrective actions.

Workflow management 

Using 'traffic light' coding for tasks, the system tracks all action and investigation progress, issues alerts and reminders, and provides real time status information. 

Database analytics 

Valuable information is generated to inform your safety policies, procedures, planning and strategies, and KPIs for sites, business units and divisions are automatically calculated based on your criteria.

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