Examples of ActiveSHE. The web based Safety Health

and Environmental auditing System 

Case Studies

Business-wide solutions for an international company, construction & facilities management sector 

A Tier 1 international construction and facilities management sector company with a vigorous UK and overseas growth strategy identified two key needs: The ability to collate SHE information from its world-wide operations and the facility to support the various international SHE reporting standards. 

For the past 10 years, the company had been using base ActiveSHE modules for incident recording, proactive site inspections and behavioural conversation recording. With the full ActiveSHE solution more than able to support these newly identified needs, the group's SHE director was keen to take advantage of its far-reaching capabilities. 

Added value 

Close partnering from the early stages onwards - including with the company's construction division SHE manager - ensured that value was added in all the right places. "Our accident rates were already low compared to statistics published by HSE," he said "but we were looking for ways of reducing them even further and decided on a system upgrade and procedural review. By implementing ActiveSHE's full web-based system, we knew that we could boost safety within the business far more inclusively across our UK and international operations." 

Business-wide improvements 

By aligning the professional expertise of the company's central and local teams with ActiveSHE's exceptional scope and depth, operational improvements, new ideas and good practice are being promoted across the business in an effective, transparent and timely way. 

The system that we implemented incorporates the latest automated ‘flash’ messaging and alerts, action-tracking processes and new investigation module, all of which are underpinned by an update to the company’s procedural SHE manual. Even in the early stages of going live, the company reported that the messaging and alerting function along with increased visibility of incident detail, investigation results and corrective actions were driving renewed vigilance within the operational teams. 

The new online tools - including messaging and alerts, incident analysis, investigation, and behavioural and inspection results - are also enabling a more standardised classification of incidents and subsequent investigations. And as business operations continue to evolve and develop, scheduled analysis of risks and causal factors provides continuous updates on emerging risk trends. 

Vital protection 

For the group’s highly experienced senior investigator, the system has important benefits beyond improvements to operational safety. "In the past, if an incident led to court proceedings, it was enough for a company to produce a weighty SHE manual of procedures and site management training records in order to show that safety was a priority. Times have moved on and the focus is now on concrete evidence. Given the sector's increased exposure to litigation claims, ActiveSHE's ability to rapidly collate every bit of evidence and at every stage is tremendously empowering for us. It means that at any time and from anywhere, we can easily demonstrate everything that we have done - and do - to keep employees, clients and the public safe from harm.”

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